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Qamcom has long experience and deep competence within radar application and signal processing. We offer a wide range of services and customized solutions within this field.

4D imaging radar

Based on Arbe’s radar chipset, Qamcom offer a 4D high resolution imaging radar called Hugin. It is a reference design that provides you a head starts for integration and evaluation of the high resolution 4D Image radar technology aimed for any application where uptime, safety and autonomy is of importance. It provides precise and accurate free space mapping to distinguish drivable from non-drivable environments in any weather, lighting, or challenging environment condition including debris and dust, which challenges optical sensors. Qamcom can offer customized sensor applications with customer specific formfactors to meet even more demanding requirements. Please contact us for more information.

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Dynamic Applications

– decision making for vehicles to increase safety

In dynamic applications the 4D imaging Radar offers enhanced availability and accuracy for safety and kinematic based functions in all weather conditions.

Personal safety and spatial awareness are key factors in environments where very large vehicles move and function. Other key factors when executing earthwork operations, large construction tasks or agricultural and soil refinement are robustness and autonomy. Something that could be essential to increase efficiency and productivity. With a 2K ultra-high resolution radar equipped, scalable and affordable sensing solution jacked for every environmental scenario and geographic terrain is possible.
Each day trucks and transportation face extremely complex situations including the full range of weather and lighting conditions. Smart and autonomous solutions are essential to achieve a higher level of safety and to increase productivity. Reliability and uptime must be optimized and regardless of weather conditions and time of day. The 4D Imaging Radar delivers a resolution and weather independence that ensure increased productivity and safety for the vehicle and those in close proximity.
Robot Shuttles & Taxis
On-demand transportation services operate in dense urban environments surrounded by numerous static and moving obstacles. The ability to maneuver efficiently and safely is paramount, ensuring vulnerable road users (VRUs) are protected at all times. Arbe’s 4D Imaging Radar operates in 2K resolution, tracking hundreds of objects in real-time, ensuring the road ahead is safe when it matters most.
AGV’s and delivery Pods
Last mile delivery pods and vehicles with agile sensing suited to urban realities or warehouses where the ability to be aware of objects in space and ego position in relation to them are immense. To overcome hard-to-predict urban environments such as sidewalks and warehouses, last-mile delivery pods and vehicles require agile sensing. With 2K high resolution, 4D Imaging Radar can be used for free space mapping, real-time path planning, and obstacle detection and avoidance.
Aerial vehicles
Not knowing your proximity in harsh weather conditions with bad visibility can be devastating for any aerial application. 4D Imaging Radar provides an ideal solution for safe, real-time 4D perception with a wide field of view suited for any environmental scenario and geographic terrain.

Static Applications

– data collections for optimization and decision making

In static applications for monitoring and surveillance services the Ultra High Resolution Radar offers real time zone protection, enhanced personal safety, traffic flow optimization and adaptive decision making.

Traffic Management

Traffic jams and congestion are common parts of the everyday city life. Advanced radar systems provide comprehensive real time traffic information. In addition to recording the speed and distance of vehicles, this means that road users’ path of movement will be tracked. High-resolution radar systems distinguish the objects precisely even in heavy traffic and enable them to be accurately pinpointed on the lanes. Something that will increase the flow and improve safety.

Smart Cities
Infrastructural growth and technology progress are making cities more intelligent. The process to monitor parking spaces and traffic is often automated and harsh weather conditions and bad lightning can reduce visibility, efficiency and I worse case safety. Delivering 2K resolution, the 4D imaging radar is fully operational in all weather and lighting conditions, ensuring always-on functionality and intelligent support.
Security and safety on a construction site is crucial. The 4D Imaging Radars can monitor movement patterns and behaviors in predefined areas to provide real-time safety or security breach warnings. Operational in all weather and lighting conditions, Arbe radar is the ideal solution for full-site monitoring and surveillance, ensuring crew safety and site integrity. Also, the information on position, speed, movement direction, distance and angle is helpful for predicting the position sequence of a detected object.




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Sr. System Architect & Project manager
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Qamcom and Arbe collaboration

Partnership Enables Trucks, Busses, Delivery PODS, Drones, and Other Industrial Applications to Benefit from 4D imaging radar.

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