Customer Story – Mabtech

Vaccine development
with Spot analysis

Mabtech is a Swedish biotech company. Founded by researchers in 1986, the Stockholm-based company is still run by researchers today and is internationally renowned for the tools it has developed for life science research, in particular in the field of immunology.

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Customer Story – Librixer

Vegan protein through mechanical engineering

Librixer wants to redefine sustainability in a world where climate change and pollution is among the biggest challenges in human history. They wanted to create something that covers sustainability from different aspects in terms of reuse, recycling, refinement and reducement.

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Customer Story – SKA

Reveal the secrets of the
universe with the worlds
largest telescope

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project is an intergovernmental effort to build the world’s largest radio telescope, with over a square kilometre of collecting area.

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Customer Story – RTHS

Hack a pandemic with a
holistic health scanner

The revolutionary no touch solution that can detect symptoms of infections in just a few seconds. RTHS is a real time health scanner that enables a safer way for people to meet, travel, and enjoy things together by detecting symptoms of Covid-19 and other possible infections in just a few seconds.

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Customer Story – RGNT

HMI for one of the coolest electric motorcycles in the world

The Gothenburg based company RGNT is building electric motorcycles. Their motorcycle and fleet design includes an IoT-era HMI dashboard enabling positioning, cloud connectivity as well as traditional vehicle HMI-functionality. The rapid prototype to production development process required a small agile team with extensive experience in hardware, software and embedded distributed systems.

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Customer Story – Vivint

Improving Smart homes In the US with Gigabit speed

The market for urban broadband coverage in the US is dominated by a number of players. Each is active in their own regions and no real competition exists. To meet the requirement on a low operational cost a product was developed that utilizes the license free 60 GHz (V-band) spectrum. Intended for roof top mount on customer premises, it covers 360 degrees and has a IPv6 MESH network as a backhaul.

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Insight Qamcom

Unlock the potential of your business or city with our comprehensive AI services, combining our system expertise with the use of our state-of-the-art AI platform to develop, deploy, and scale AI systems.

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The Hexa-X project aims to connect the physical, digital and human worlds, firmly anchored in future wireless technology and architectural research.

AFarCloud can enable new solutions to every farm, bring in progress to optimize the processes in the agriculture sector, and reduce the costs by increasing the efficiency of business operations.

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“State of the art” and results regarding Decision Hierarchy and Architectural Patterns for ADS (Autonomous Drive Systems), also known colloquially as “Autonomous Cars”.

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