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Why Industrial AI instead of just AI?

  • Because it is different.
  • Because it requires additional skills.
  • Because without system knowledge you may fail.

What is Industrial AI?

Simply, Industrial AI means that we apply AI in industrial applications. These applications include advanced analytics, automation, optimization and predictions in an industrial context, which means that data comes from sensors and system requirements can be both challenging and varying from case to case. Therefore, knowing just AI is not enough to leverage the potential of Industrial AI – you need systemwide knowledge to implement AI in real systems.

Qamcom offers a one-stop shop for Industrial AI and IoT system services together with our AI platform capable of being adapted to multiple applications and use cases. Thanks to our deep expertise in both systems and AI, we can translate specific needs and requirements into tailored Industrial AI solutions, bridging the gap between AI and industrial applications.

What value do Industrial AI solutions bring?

  • Increases efficiency through automation and optimization of industrial processes.
  • Improves quality identifying defects, reducing errors and ensuring consistency.
  • Enables proactive workflows through better data support for decision-making and AI-powered maintenance predictions.
  • Inspection of the environment in terms of identifying objects and navigation





One-stop shop for Industrial AI
and IoT systems

We combine domain and data know-how to cover every step of the development of complete Industrial AI and IoT solutions. Solving challenges on an industrial scale requires an understanding of the data, usually from sensors, and how to best analyse it. In addition, we use the full system engineering toolbox to develop an efficient and accurate solution.


Qamcom covers every skill set required for Industrial AI
and IoT solutions




One platform for multiple applications

Our AI platform makes it easier, more cost-efficient and faster to arrive at the right solution. The platform is versatile and provides a basic structure for implementation of AI models that can be adapted for new applications depending on user needs and system requirements.

The platform allows for several types of customizations and optimisations:

  • Customizable feature set such as object detection, classification and anomaly detection
  • Flexibility in HW choice for edge computing
  • Optimisation of the AI models for the system
  • Inclusion of signal processing and other mathematical models for system functionality and optimisation


AI platform development principles

Qamcom AI platform can easily be configured to accommodate a large spectrum of use cases. It was designed to be:

  • Configurable:
    • A model zoo of different AI algorithms is implemented in the platform, from which a suitable model can be selected based on requirements such as accuracy and speed.
    • The platform can be adapted to different software architectures depending on the requirements on latency, privacy, cost and security; this includes edge-to-edge and server-to-client architectures.
  • Modular:
    • The development of AI algorithms is highly modularized. It supports the selection and removal of different existing modules such as object detection, tracking and counting.
    • Whenever a project requires specific functionalities such as e.g. 5G communication, customized modules can be developed and easily added to the existing ones.
  • Portable:
    • The platform can be deployed on different hardware platforms depending on the use case and requirements. For instance, the AI algorithms have been fully customized and deployed on Nvidia Jetson GPU platforms to meet the requirements of limited payload and power consumption.
    • To make the software compatible with different operating systems, the platform supports container-based virtualization.


Solution development balancing performance, cost and energy consumption


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