We can take on full project responsibility from concept and sketch to mass production and aftermarket activities as well as assist with on-site specialist consultancy services.

A World-Class Solution Provider

Qamcom Research & Technology is a world-class centre of excellence for R&D partnerships.  People with research education and long industry experience are combined with flexible, innovative approaches to technology development, business engineering, organisation and processes.

Being a world-class solution provider requires world-class people. Since we were established in 2001, we’ve strived to attract the best talent in our core areas of operation. By doing so, we can provide qualified expertise in services ranging from in-house turnkey product development projects in areas as diverse as feasibility studies to finished products and modules to on-site customer assignments.

Adding value to the Application Layer

We want our clients to see us as more than a consultant company. Traditionally, consultancy companies do not participate in the value chain, but rather continuously take out their value (as reimbursement for time) from the side of the value chain. As a result, they lose sight of whether the ecosystem actually produces value to the end customer or not.

It’s our mission to bring consultancy into the value chain by taking an active part inside the value chain, which means taking part in risk sharing and the profit sharing. This is what we call the application layer. It’s here we use our research roots to interact with fundamental technology and work with vertical experts to form an intact value chain.


Qamcom is an active leader at both swedish and international level. We contribute to the research debate within many aspects of research and development ranging from detailed algorithm development to product portfolio discussions, system definitions and technology management. Our staff have written thousands of published research articles in international journals and contributed to many industry conferences.

Our Research Articles

Partners and Collaborations

We believe in knowledge, experience-sharing and that you can achieve greater things together with others. Therefore we have a wide range of partners, collaborations and support from different fields and contexts. We embrace diversity when it comes to both experiences and perspectives to constantly adapt, evolve and create value out of the ordinary for all our stakeholders. Below you will find a selection of partners, memberships and collaborations right now.

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