Expertise and evolution

Qamcom is a leading research and technology company with deep competence within hardware, software and system development. Qamcom offers value-driven technology solutions, products and services in the fields of advanced Signal Processing, Industrial AI and IoT, Wireless Communication and System Engineering. Qamcom’s mission is quite simply to turn technology into value for society, industry and people.

Based on insights and the needs of end users, Qamcom bridges the gap between technology and application to enable high ambitions for most industries and contexts.

How does a technology application expert operate?

Operating as a Technology Application Expert requires a carefully constructed organization, a methodical approach and high-quality recruitment.

At Qamcom

  • We need world class expertise – so we created an environment based around people
  • We honour innovation, motivation and efficiency – so we created a flat business structure where ideas and innovation move freely
  • We strive to extend our roots into the technology layer – so we are an active thought-leader in research and development
  • We want to create true value – so we establish and develop partnerships with market leaders
  • We want to be around for a long time – so we don’t talk about change, we live it, constantly

How did we become a technology application expert?

We believe that the best way to bring value into products and solutions is to harmonise creativity with deep knowledge. To achieve this, we bring together people with a research education background and long industry experience and put them in an environment where flexible and innovative approaches to technology development, business engineering and organizational structure are applied.


Qamcom was founded in 2001 by researchers from Gothenburg’s world-renowned Chalmers University of Technology. Our ambition then was simple and it is still the foundation on which we stand – to be an agile catalyzer for advanced technology transfer between academia and industry.

We are a privately owned company, currently employing around 150 employees. Many of our engineers come from a research background and hold a PhD or Lic.Eng. degree and our specialists have an average 16–17 years of experience.

We are proud of our roots in Gothenburg, one of Scandinavia’s most vibrant innovation hubs. We are committed to making the West Sweden region an internationally competitive environment for advanced technology in our areas of expertise. It is our aim to use this expertise to empower international companies in the region whilst at the same time being an attractive partner to new companies planning to set up operations in the region.

Qamcom already has three fully-owned daughter companies in the Hungary, USA and New Zealand. It is our ambition to continue to grow, both nationally and internationally for two main reasons:

  • We want to capture talent where it is, adding talented people to the Qamcom family without requiring them to relocate to Gothenburg
  • We want to have a presence in and be connected to more markets – by doing so we can capture new opportunities where they happen

Our demand vision:

Be a preferred technology partner for companies in all industries and all locations, where advanced knowledge in e.g. wireless communication, automation and signal processing in general will play an important role for the development of new and upgraded products.