Qamcom Decentralised Data Security and DeStor Partner to Enhance Data Security and Privacy

July 9, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between Qamcom Decentralised Data Security (DDS) and DeStor, the market leader in Web3 storage solutions. This collaboration marks Qamcom DDS’s entry into the decentralised storage services market, aiming to deliver enhanced security, robustness, and scalable storage solutions.

DeStor’s platform offers verifiable storage solutions that ensure data integrity and availability through daily data verification. This partnership allows Qamcom DDS to store its extensive data securely and efficiently, ensuring confidentiality and protection. This alliance perfectly aligns with our commitment to user privacy and security.

“In collaboration with DeStore and the Filecoin Project we can now develop technologies that improve how humanity stores, shares, and accesses information,” said Johan Lassing, Co-Founder & CEO, Qamcom. “We are excited about being involved in building solutions that are more efficient, secure, and accessible, empowering individuals and organizations to take control of their data.”

Our partnership is already making waves, with significant collaborations secured with Swedish startups YayPal, a Web3 gaming studio boasting over 500,000+ users, and Fieldstream, an AI marketing analytics platform. By integrating Qamcom DDS technology, both YayPal and FieldStream can ensure their data remains confidential and protected.

Jennifer King, Co-Founder & CEO of DeStor, shared her excitement: “We are excited to partner with Qamcom to advance innovation in the decentralized storage ecosystem. This partnership is crucial for scaling our presence in the European market and bringing advanced, robust solutions from Filecoin storage providers like Decentrally to market. Our goal is to offer a simple and easy-to-use interface that delivers on the promise of enhanced security and reliability.”

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and deliver top-tier decentralized storage solutions through this exciting partnership.

About Qamcom

Qamcom is a knowledge-based research and technology company within hardware, software and system development bridging the gap between research, technology and business. Qamcom DDS specializes in decentralized storage solutions, providing robust security and privacy features. Their technology ensures data integrity while empowering users to control their digital assets.


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