– AI into saved farming on a global scale.

– AI into saved farming on a global scale.

About the research

Aggregated Farming in Cloud

Collaboration Partners

58 partners from academia and industry across Europe. Swedish partners include MDH, RISE, Imagimob, Spacemetric and Termisk.


  • Productivity and cost-effectiveness
  • Labour shortage
  • Farmers getting older
  • Depopulation


  • More efficient agriculture and farming through AI, autonomous systems, IOT and Cloud.


  • A distributed platform for autonomous farming that will allow the integration and cooperation of agriculture Cyber Physical Systems
  • Make farming robots accessible to more users by enabling farming vehicles to work in a cooperative mesh.


  • Demonstration in three holistic demonstrators (Finland, Spain and Italy)
  • Strengthen partners’ market position boosting their innovation capacity and addressing industrial needs both at EU and international levels.


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