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ELISpot Reader

Working at Qamcom

Qamcom the movie

ELISpot reader

Together with our client Mabtech, Qamcom has developed FluoroSpot and ELISpot readers that through analysis of proteins secretion by individual cells, can contribute to global vaccine development and basic immunological research for Malaria, Alzheimer’s, MS and Covid-19.

High-end Telecom Solutions

Higher frequency requires higher precision. Watch the movie about Qamcom’s Telecom offering. Includes everything from 6G research to 5G implementation and Product development for millimeter wave radios.

Qamcom the Game

Play our game and get a glimpse of the Qamcom world – filled with tricky challenges, knowledge and technology. Can you find the true path and collect all items? Give it a go and see If you have what it takes.

4G Imaging Radar

A short film about the amazing possibilities with 4D Imaging Radar. The system offers advanced perception capabilities for various user fields and we will focus on customization for dynamic and static applications.

AI-based sensor system

This project was a collaboration with the City of Stockholm and represents a successful example of public-private partnership aimed at driving change while addressing global challenges. The multifunction sensor developed by Qamcom helps the City of Stockholm in its strategy to become smart and connected.

RGNT no.1

You don’t need a combustion engine to ride in style. Meet RGNT no.1– the fully electric motorcycle with a classic café style racer look. Qamcom had the pleasure to be part of the development, integrating seamlessly with the RGNT engineers focusing on the touch-based HMI module.

Cattle detection

we demonstrate the machine learning algorithms developed to reliably detect and accurately count the number of chosen animals in aerial images.

Working at Qamcom

What makes us unique and what our employees appreciates the most with working here: Cool advanced technology projects, diversity, knowledge development and the non-hierarchical organisation to mention a few things.

Qamcom the movie

We are Qamcom. A unity of technology experts and we believe in knowledge.

Self-driving cars

Is there a large and potentially dangerous gap between public perception of self-driving cars and the current state of autonomous driving?

Vattenfall project

This project was part of Vattenfall’s contribution to Vinnova’s “Drones of the future” programme. In this demo video we demonstrate the algorithms of powerline and high-risk-vegetation detection. The powerline detection problem is approached by using Qamcom’s deep learning neural network platform.

People & vehicle detection

Qamcom has developed a visual neural network for people and vehicle detection. The algorithm is both detecting the object and segmenting the contour of the object and classifying between people and vehicle.

Vehicle detection – Street

Qamcom has developed a visual neural network for vehicle detection. The algorithm is both detecting the object and segmenting the contour of the object.

Vehicle detection – Railway

We compare Qamcom’s vision neural networks for vehicle detection at a railway crossing against the reference neural network MASK-RCNN.

Qamcom Autonomous Drive

Qamcom Autonomous Drive, QAD, 4D Radar QR77SAW, Lidar, Camera, Sensor Fusion, Functional Safety, Neural networks, detection and classification, ground segmentation, target tracking.

Indoor human tracking

Detections from the Qamcom 77 GHz radar (big dots in the lidar point cloud), QR77SAW, when tracking a human.

UAV tracking system

Tracking drones (UAV) with the 77 GHz radar, QR77SAW. Radar surveillance of civil, private or military property. Multiple UAV tracking capabilities, as well as detection of moving and stationary objects.

Traffic sign detection 

This video demonstrates the powerful capabilities of using deep learning algorithms to detect road-side traffic signs in video footage.

Bike & pedestrian tracking

Qamcom 77 GHz radar, simultaniously keeping track of slow moving and stationary objects. Radar detects that one object spits into two objects, when the pedestrian leaves the bike in the safety zone.

Car & pedestrian tracking

Qamcom 77 GHz radar, tracking cars and pedestrians. Keeping track of both moving and stationary objects.

Qamcom Breakfast Seminar

The seminar gives an overview of Free and Open Source Silicon (FOSSi) movement. Olof Kindgren, Director of FOSSi and Specialist at Qamcom Research and Technology, provides insights into the world of Open Source Silicon and what lies ahead in regards to challenges.

Road sign detection

Zumbri provides a complete system for road sign detection and classification for traffic sign inventory. Qamcom has done the algorithm development for the detection and classification of the road signs.

Real time tracking – people

Two persons are detected and tracked inside and outside of the detection zone. The demo visualises the algorithm handling detection and tracking of slow-moving targets. 

Real time tracking – cars

Moving cars are detected and tracked inside and outside of the detection zone. Coloured dots show the detection of different objects where the colour indicates the strength of the detection.

Real time tracking – objects

A stationary object in the defined detection zone is tracked with Qamcom’s unique stationary target detection. A confirmed detection in the detection zone is marked with yellow/black dots.

Obstacle detection radar

Qamcom’s short range radar is a 77 GHz solid-state 4D radar providing instantaneous measurements on range, doppler (speed), azimuth and elevation angle. The radar can detect and track up to 50 objects simultaneously.

Real time tracking

Qamcom 77 GHz 4D radar, Instantaneous measurements of target range, Doppler, azimuth and elevation, Unique Stationary Target Detection and Sophisticated multi channel processing.

Qamcom 77 GHz radar

Occupancy grid map for localization and mapping (SLAM) using the Qamcom 77 GHz Radar (QR77s).

Multiple object tracking

High-end 77-GHz 4D radar system, Wide field-of-view, Unique algorithms to detect problematic slow-moving and stationary targets, Optional camera installation for reference and sensor fusion opportunities. Suitable for Autonomous Drive applications.

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