Tech tuesday.

QAMCOM AT kista mobility day.


Welcome to Tech Tuesday! The monthly breakfast event for the tech community in Kista with the aim to get an inside perspective and learn about cutting edge trends from researchers and developers in Kista.

The November event will be co-hosted by us at Qamcom and cover the topic Solving data privacy through collaborative learning.

“MedTech and IoT applications and research in these areas have achieved excellent results by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, AI has enormous success stories on both of these fronts. But this success comes with a price. Many applications use critically sensitive data in their AI models, meaning that the user or customer privacy is violated, which is detrimental to the rights of individuals and businesses. While various solutions offer a broad spectrum of privacy guarantees, it also leads to a diverse and complicated landscape.

Furthermore, even for the same AI application, different users might have different levels of privacy preferences. For example, a person with a heart condition might have a stricter privacy preference (for data sharing) than a healthy person for the same application. In this case, the application providers must offer multiple levels of privacy for distinct users. Our proposed framework makes this possible by integrating various privacy solutions in the same application and guaranteeing they collaborate to build a robust and safe AI model.

Through this session, the audience will get an overview of the tradeoffs and challenges of data integrity in AI. First, we will gently segway through different privacy-preserving methods in AI and look at which scenarios they are most suitable. Then through our research-in-progress, we wish to engage the audience to discuss novel use cases/solutions for privacy-preserving AI.”

Agenda for November 8th

8:30 Breakfast and mingle at Qamcom, Kista

9:00 Welcome by Ann Louise Johansson, General Manager, Qamcom, and Karin Bengtsson, CEO, Kista Science City

9:05 Presentation: Solving data privacy through collaborative learning by Debaditya Roy, Qamcom and KTH

9:20 Q&A

9:30 The event ends


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