– A super telescope to reveal the secrets of the universe.


The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project is an intergovernmental effort to build the world’s largest radio telescope, with over a square kilometre of collecting area. SKA will, among other things, be used for studies of the early universe and to look for signals from alien civilisations.

The SKA uses both dishes (SKA-mid) and low-frequency antennas to cover the radio-spectrum from 50MHz to 15.3GHz. A key component of the SKA1-mid is the single pixel feed receiver (SPFRx) that digitizes the signal from a feed and transmits it to the central signal processor (CSP) over optical fiber. The main objectives of the project is to complete the digitise design to the detailed design stage, to prepare for pre-production and to assess the complete construction phase.


  • Qamcom will finalize the design work of the digitizer. From analogue signals to digital signals.
  • Qamcom is responsible for the industrialization including all key activities needed to complete the design for pre-production including test system design.
  • Qamcom provides long Aerospace experience and advanced low-noise signal (both electrical and mechanical) expertise.


Qamcom’s experience in designing advanced electronics for harsh outdoor environment and deep skills in industrialization ensures long term stability of the equipment. In short, Qamcom will bridge and realize the research in order to enable investigation of the deepest corners of the universe.

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