Our 4D Imaging Radar enables:

  • Classification of road-users
  • Static and dynamic object monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring and control

There continues to be an increasing trend of existing and new road users, putting a burden on already complex urban infrastructure. A common challenge centres around traffic management – controlling the flow to keep people moving and avoid blockages that can prevent emergency vehicles from getting where they are required most.

The Hugin 4D Imaging Radar can provide comprehensive real time traffic information. Detection of hundreds of objects in high resolution, distinguishes the objects precisely even in heavy traffic and enables them to be accurately pinpointed within lanes. In addition, the radar detects speed and distance of vehicles. This means that road users’ path of movement will be tracked, creating a reliable image of the environment without being impaired by poor visibility.

The Product – Hugin Static

The Hugin 4D Imaging Radar is based on Arbe’s radar chipset and offers advanced perception capabilities supporting a variety of use cases including surveillance, industrial autonomy, long range detection and a wide field of view. Arbe’s technology offers accurate real time detection of objects velocity whilst ensuring personal integrity.

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