Why Hugin 4D Imaging Radar (77GHz)?

Revolutionary Radar

  • 4D imaging radar technology is providing a leap forwards in the capability of radar sensors.
  • The Hugin 4D imaging radar is a breakthrough in sensing technology, booking its place firmly as a next generation object detection sensor. With radar’s ability to perform in low visibility conditions, it is a device that cannot be ignored within the field of sensor fusion.
  • Data is collected using thousands of channels at fractions of a second to provide a high resolution, 4-Dimensional representation of the surrounding environment.
  • The fourth dimension enables objects to be separated in elevation; a significant limitation of todays, in-service radar sensors.
  • With point cloud output, customers have the possibility to customize their own post processing algorithms to achieve the necessary functionality. Qamcom also offer this service, along with a wider integration support package if required.

Next generation solutions

  • Multi radar – 360-degree coverage
  • Scalable
  • Implementation of the Hugin 4D imaging radar is scalable, enabling simultaneous monitoring of multiple Hugin devices, capable of providing complete 360-degree coverage.
  • Data collected by the Hugin radar can be used for environment mapping
  • High resolution target separation in elevation enables autonomous vehicles to determine if objects are overridable/underridable.
  • Designed to be competitively priced with comparable sensor technologies

Multiple applications

  • Object detection
  • Environment and free-space mapping
  • With the ability to produce a radar ”image”, the Hugin radar can generate a map of the environment.

A versatile technology platform

Qamcom has the expertise to:

  • Optimize the desired radar parameters in the hardware design for your application.
  • Produce post processing algorithms to maximise Hugin’s capabilities for your application.
  • Manage development, integration and verification projects, according to customer requirements.

Technical Specification

System Safety

  • The Hugin 4D imaging radar is designed to be capable of achieving a system safety rating of ASIL-B (ISO 26262) / SIL-2 (IEC 61508).

Interferance mitigation/supression

  • In-service radar sensing technology is susceptible to performance degredation due to interferance from similar sensors.
  • Next generation signal processing techniques of raw radar data provides new opportunites to withstand interference from environmental disturbances.

Robust design

  • Capable of withstanding typical automotive environmental requirements
  • IP67 – Completely dust tight. Protection against temporary immersion in water

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