Our 4D Imaging Radar enables:

  • Personal safety
  • Situation awareness
  • Increased productivity and cost-efficiency

We call upon heavy machinery to do the hard work, usually on a big scale. Be it moving large, heavy objects, or demolishing unwanted structures, their application is often notoriously hazardous. Limitations in technology can restrict some heavy machines from being able to operate in dynamic work-sites, with people moving around within potential risk zones. However, those who are looking to get ahead of their competitors by increasing productivity and cost-efficiency need to show an interest in what Qamcom Radar have to offer.

The revolutionary Hugin 4D Imaging Radar introduces new capabilities that will help heavy machinery automation to become a more reliable and worthwhile investment. Whilst current generation radar sensors struggle in confined and heavily cluttered sites, the Hugin can separate targets with high precision, enabling object identification and tracking. High resolution data collection using mmWaves enables the Hugin to maintain performance in dusty, or similarly low visibility scenes. We offer a scalable, reliable and affordable solution that can function as an independent sensor or complement existing technologies with sensor fusion.

The Product – Hugin Dynamic

The Hugin 4D Imaging Radar is based on Arbe’s chipset and offers advanced perception capabilities for autonomous applications. It supports a variety of use cases including off-road, indoors, high speeds, long ranges, and a wide field of view.

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