Our 4D Imaging Radar enables:

  • Worker safety
  • Productivity and cost-efficiency
  • Real-time spatial awareness

Construction sites are typically an active environment used by many people with different levels of awareness about what is planned to occur at any given time. Such unpredictability coupled with heavy machinery presents safety risks that can be difficult to keep under control.

The Hugin 4D Imaging Radar offers a solution. The ability to detect hundreds of static and moving objects simultaneously, in real-time, presents an opportunity to constantly monitor the construction site. A wide field-of-view and long detection range at high resolution provides an ideal solution for full-site monitoring and surveillance, ensuring crew safety and integrity. Designed to withstand all weather conditions, the Hugin 4D Imaging Radar is a dependable and reliable sensor that has a lot to offer independently, or as part of a fusion with other sensors.

The Product – Hugin Static

The Hugin 4D Imaging Radar is based on Arbe’s radar chipset and offers advanced perception capabilities supporting a variety of use cases including surveillance, industrial autonomy, long range detection and a wide field of view. Arbe’s technology offers accurate real time detection of objects velocity whilst ensuring personal integrity.

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