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HMI for one of the coolest electric motorcycles in the world.

HMI for one of the coolest electric motorcycles in the world.

November 17, 2020


The Gothenburg based company RGNT is building electric motorcycles. Their motorcycle and fleet design includes an IoT-era HMI dashboard enabling positioning, cloud connectivity as well as traditional vehicle HMI-functionality.

The rapid prototype to production development process required a small agile team with extensive experience in hardware, software and embedded distributed systems to be deployed in harsh environments.


Qamcom R&T teamed up with the Evolve and supplied RGNT with a custom public-road-approved-system enabling fleet management, geolocation services and bike status streaming on an OTA software updateable touch screen frontend.


Qamcom’s extensive experience in hardware and firmware development has enabled RGNT to accelerate the product development process by efficient iterations to bring the HMI design from early idea to approved homologated product ready for mass production.

We chose Qamcom since they understand and put energy into our vision and high expectations regarding the technology both in software and hardware.”

Alexander Lewandowski
Head of Design and Engineering at RGNT Motorcycles

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Qamcom is a leading Swedish
research and technology company

We deliver unique and deep competence within hardware, software and system development. Qamcom offers value-driven technology solutions, products and services in the fields of advanced signal processing, artificial intelligence, wireless communications systems, industrial IoT and system safety. Qamcom’s mission is quite simply to turn technology into value for society, industry and people. Based on insights and the needs of end users, Qamcom bridge the gap between technology and application to enable high ambitions together with our partners.

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