– Combined Radar-Based Communication and Interference Mitigation for Automotive Applications.

About the research

Qamcom contributed by simulating a transceiver system considering possible interference effects with different waveforms. By adding a communication capability to automotive radars this can be used to fuse radar data of various vehicles both to provide see-through driving and to increase radar detection probability and precision, which results in an increased safety.

Collaboration Partners

Chalmers University of Technology, Halmstad University, industrial partners Volvo Car Corporation, Autoliv, QAMCOM, and SAAB.


Interference will be an increasing problems as automotive radar devices become more common. This may affect performance and potentially safety of the application.


Method for showing safety of collaborative functions will contribute to trust in safety development of future collaborative products.


Methods and solutions for interference mitigation are being developed. We also investigate how usage of the new technology will affect design and safety in an automotive application.


Open up for new applications due to new functionality provided by the integration of sensor, communication functions and newly developed and state of the art waveforms.

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