Qamcom has over 20 years of experience and deep competence within radar application and development. We can handle everything from minor studies to comprehensive radar system and product development – adjusted to your specification and needs.

Our capability has been applied in various radar projects within the contexts of automotive, smart cities, sports, traffic management, surveillance, security, aerospace, drone detection and defense, to name a few.

To increase efficiency and quality, Qamcom has developed several radar system platforms for different user areas – something that saves time and effort since you always have a solid foundation to start from. The platforms can smoothly be adapted to specific needs, standards and requests deepening on project and purpose.


Obstacle Detection 

QR77SAW Radar

A radar that detects and tracks static and dynamic obstacles in user-configurable 3D zone. It works in all-weather conditions and can be integrated in SIL rated system (railway crossing obstacle detection) with continuous monitoring of radar performance by reference reflector.

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Level measurements

Tank Radar

Qamcom has developed a mm-wave radar for Kockumation Marine – the units designed by Qamcom detect surfaces with permittivity as low as 1.09 with large margins and over typical distances encountered in tanks

Railroad Safety

Traffic Radar

A robust obstacle detection system to replace inductive coils at railroad crossings in all types of weather. Features state-of-the-art array calibration method for maximum 4D accuracy and tracking filters to optimize false alarm and tracking capability.

4D Imaging

Hugin Radar

A 4D imaging ultra-high resolution radar with unmatched performance and paradigm-changing perception enabling industrial autonomy, smarter cities and more efficient and safe transportation. Works in all environment conditions and can be integrated in various fields.

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