Qamcom Wins Prestigious Space Project.

Qamcom Wins Prestigious Space Project.

Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is an upcoming gigantic radio telescope facility which will be the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. The purpose of the facility is to receive radio waves from space and study the early universe, the development of our galaxy, cosmology, dark energy and to search for life beyond Earth. In short, an important facilitator in our efforts to unveil the secrets of the universe. The plant is due to be complete within the next decade. Qamcom has been awarded the prestigious task of bridging and conducting research through the project design of the industrialisation process itself.

The telescope will be placed across dry and remote desert areas in both South Africa and Australia. Qamcom’s involvement concerns the South African part of the facility which will consist of more than one hundred interconnected satellite dishes. Their focus will be on optimising and refining signal processing by converting analogue into digital. It is a matter of producing electronics that will be able to survive tough and demanding environments over time. Something which Qamcom has ample experience within.

“Qamcom’s collective competencies and experience within this kind of complex project were crucial for us. In principle, it allows them to immediately take the project from its research stage through to industrialisation and concretisation. Qamcom’s impressive expertise within the field of low frequency signals, in relation to both electronics and mechanics, was also of considerable importance to us,” says Paul Häyhänen, Head of Innovation and Project Management at the Chalmers Industriteknik Foundation.

The project will be ongoing for almost a decade and upon its completion it will be one of the largest and most modern facilities in the world. Work ahead of the construction of SKA is being coordinated in Sweden by the Onsala Space Observatory at Chalmers University of Technology with support from the Swedish Research Council and Big Science Sweden.

“We are both proud and excited to be a part of this fantastic project. It’s an incredible feeling to be involved in helping create something which may reveal yet more of the universe’s secrets. This is a project that is perfectly suited to us in terms of context, complexity and technology. After all, we are experts in bridging research and industrialisation and in transforming technology into value,” says Bengt Münter, Project Manager at Qamcom in Gothenburg.

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