Qamcom joins CHIPS Alliance to accelerate the development of next-generation devices.

Qamcom joins CHIPS Alliance to accelerate the development of next-generation devices.

The CHIPS Alliance is a collaboration project where companies and individuals can contribute with resources to make chip development more accessible in an effort to speed up and bring down the cost of designing custom silicon. By combining this with Qamcom’s high-level expertise in product development we can turn agile chip development methodology into customer value by accelerating the development of nextgeneration devices.

Creating custom silicon solutions today require large investments of time and resources which makes it infeasible to use for many novel designs. Open source enables development of custom silicon, and by collaborating around an open source silicon ecosystem Qamcom can provide even more advanced solutions in a cost-efficient way. We also see that by contributing our domain expertise in fields such as connectivity, AI and automotive we can help shape solutions to evolve the industry and open up for new areas.

“I see great opportunities with joining CHIPS Alliance. Having access to custom silicon will enable us to not only improve what we do, but also open up for new areas for our projects and clients to accelerate chip design for next-generation devices. Qamcom will bridge the gap between chip design and product development,” said Olof Kindgren, Senior Digital Design Engineer of Qamcom

Qamcom is already active in this domain and was one of the speakers at the inagural CHIPS Alliance workshop focusing on open source hardware, software tools, RTL development, hosted by Google in June this year.

“We are excited to welcome Qamcom into CHIPS Alliance” said Dr. Zvonimir Z. Bandic, Chairman of CHIPS Alliance and Sr. Director of Next Gen Platforms Technologies in Western Digital Corporation. “Qamcom will bring expertise in design of embedded systems, and long history of usage, experience and maintenance of open source hardware design tools. This will strengthen CHIPS Alliance efforts into leadership in the software and tools domain.”


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Alliance The CHIPS Alliance is an organization which develops and hosts high-quality, open source hardware code (IP cores), interconnect IP (physical and logical protocols), and open source software development tools for design, verification, and more. The main aim is to provide a barrier-free collaborative environment, to lower the cost of developing IP and tools for hardware development. The CHIPS Alliance is hosted by the Linux Foundation. For more information, visit

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