Qamcom invests in Eicorn for long-term synergies.

Qamcom invests in Eicorn for long-term synergies.

Qamcom Group is expanding its technology offering as the data-driven enterpriseignition company Eicorn AB joins the family. Eicorn specializes in helping large organizations succeed with innovation programs, venture investments and digital business transformation strategies, while Qamcom is a technology house in the practical application of almost any kind of technology project. Eicorn has developed a unique framework for evidence-based innovation and venturing. Simply put, a process for breaking out the logic behind successful innovation. An ideal complement for the Qamcom Group.

Combining Eicorn’s management consulting expertise with Qamcom’s resources, experience and knowledge capital, will deliver a completely new dimension to the united services, with Eicorn’s ability to develop and validate futuristic innovation strategies matched by Qamcom’s ability to execute them and ensure they become a functional reality. Furthermore, Eicorn is actively developing AI and Mixed Reality applications from a venture perspective, adding yet another interesting layer to the big picture.

“This investment not only strengthens our technology offering as a whole and improves our innovation validation, but it also gives us another perspective on our AI development and is a great opportunity to evolve the value that Qamcom Group delivers to its clients and stakeholders. Digitalization is a painful exercise for most industrial companies to undertake and it will require a fusion of the technology and management domains at a much deeper level than is typically seen today”, said Johan Lassing, CEO, Qamcom Group, who has been closely involved with the development of Eicorn’s business plan since the company’s foundation.

Innovation, especially in the digital domain, is becoming increasingly important to a majority of corporations, while time is still a precious and critical commodity. It’s crucial that the time spent on innovations is well invested, therefore a science-based way of validating ideas could make all the difference.

“Qamcom’s extraordinary expertise and pool of experience will become fantastic complementary capabilities to our services. They can provide the technological muscles and brainpower needed to realize a lot of the opportunities we see as innovation and digital transformation architects. We are really looking forward to the exciting future as a member of the Qamcom family”, says Linus Bille, Founding partner and CEO at Eicorn.

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