Qamcom invests in Abtery to evolve electric autonomous mobility.

Qamcom invests in Abtery to evolve electric autonomous mobility.

Qamcom Group is expanding to a full-service offering in the field of electric autonomous mobility when Abtery joins the group. Abtery, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has a dynamic and vibrant team focused on various facets of the growing electric vehicle market including automotive, aviation, last mile mobility and marine industries. An ideal complement for the Qamcom Group.

With Abtery in the group, Qamcom can push the boundaries of state-of-the-art technology within the electric mobility development even further. The united qualities and capabilities will enable growth within the field of electromobility in several industries and transport sectors.

“The investment in Abtery and the collaboration we have set in motion will reinforce our technology offering as a whole and widen our portfolio. Combining Abtery’s experience in electric drive systems and electromobility solutions with Qamcom’s resources, expertise and knowledge capital, will make us complete in the field of electric autonomous mobility” said Johan Lassing, CEO of Qamcom Group.

The joint collaboration will allow a strong strategic positioning within the autonomous vehicle technology segment. Qamcom will contribute with advanced embedded systems, system safety and implementation and research within autonomous vehicle technology, while Abtery will support within the field of electric drive systems and electromobility solutions.

“With the technology portfolio that Qamcom Group brings to the table, we stand ready to truly push electric autonomous vehicles to the next step” said Martin De la Vega, CEO of Abtery. “We are like two halves of the same orange, put together. Everything in future transportation will be electric and autonomous”.

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