Qamcom Group and Smoltek initiates in-depth cooperation

March 21, 2023

Qamcom Group AB (“Qamcom”) and Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB (“Smoltek”) have signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of ensuring a continued high pace in research and product development. Through the agreement, Qamcom Group gives Smoltek access to a huge external world-class R&D department filled with experienced technology developers.

Qamcom and Smoltek have previously collaborated on several occasions – where Qamcom has provided on-site consultants as well as specialists for various types of development projects.

As Smoltek’s semiconductor and hydrogen business areas approach the market with their first products – the collaboration between Smoltek and Qamcom is now deepening. The collaboration ensures that Smoltek will continue to have access to experienced technology experts with specific skills to the extent necessary at attractive terms for both parties. Smoltek’s basic R&D activities also receive the opportunity to be strengthened with external consultants for the general development of the company’s nanotechnology platform.


Qamcom Group is a knowledge-driven impact-accelerator for well-funded technology projects to enable high ambitions, speed up industrialization and optimize route to market. Our in-kind model provides a complete business management portfolio and access to a huge R&D department with cutting-edge technology expertise. A perfect set-up for industry ventures, corporate spin-offs, early-stage start-ups and other technology initiatives that want to reach the growth and expansion phases faster.

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