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Qamcom Group and Volvo Group form a new venture – Fyrqom

Qamcom acquires Impronova to stengthen their quality and functional safety offering.

October 25, 2022

Together with the inventor Roman Iustin, Qamcom Group and Volvo Group spins out Fyrqom – a technology company that will offer an automated tire pressure monitoring system for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles.

Today a tire pressure monitoring system must be calibrated manually on every truck when they are built and when a tire is changed in a workshop. Fyrqom’s solution makes the calibration process fully automated –increasing efficiency, safety and reduces costs. The automated calibration system also enables a more sustainable workflow for tire maintenance.

“Focusing on customer needs, Volvo Group colleagues are encouraged to apply technologies to solve specific problems. This fosters the mindset for development of technology assisted business solutions. I am thankful for this opportunity and looking forward to the exciting journey ahead,” says Roman Iustin.

For Qamcom, the knowledge driven technology impact accelerator, this kind of venture is a perfect match – an innovative and simplistic invention that can create impact and provide high customer value.

“We’re proud to be part of this new venture together with Volvo Group. I am convinced that our pool of experts within research and technology and their experience from the industry will continue accelerate growth and add the right value for Fyrqom. We also see a great potential to unlock several synergies between our existing companies and Fyrqom that will be beneficial to optimizing the route to market” says Jonas Sandberg, Co-founder and Business Developer at Qamcom Group.

Qamcom Group’s Acceleration infrastructure, will support Fyrqom within many areas, like Legal, IPR strategy, Finance, Accounting, Tax, HR and Purchasing.

“Having this venture builder function in the Volvo Group CampX concept is a good way to capture new business ideas and opportunities, both inside and outside the Volvo Group, and accelerate them to the market.” says Johan Lundén, Volvo Group Senior Vice President and CampX chairman.


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