About Qamcom Central Europe

The challenges of our partners are our opportunities to create value for them. We design and implement solutions using the latest technologies to make our customers even more successful.

Qamcom Research and Technology CE was established in 2019 to provide direct local expertise in the Central European region. Our competences range from on-site specialist consultancy services to full project responsibility.

What we do

We turn different technologies into AI enhanced tools as well as provide advice and customised solutions for our partners based on their specific needs while applying the most appropriate methods.

In Central Europe, we have specific application knowledge in the following areas:

  • Robotics
  • Telecommunications and Industrial IoT
  • Transportation
  • Drone Technologies (surveillance, automation)
  • Mass spectrometry (data analysis)
  • Surveillance (sensor networks)
  • Biomedical applications of computer science

And we bring the following expertise

  • Concept and system design
  • Automation and control systems
  • Communications technology
  • Signal processing, both software and hardware: from Python to FPGA
  • Project and product management
  • Functional and System safety expertise
  • Strong applied and theoretical knowledge in optimisation
  • Design and Development of Deep Neural Networks for a specific task


Logistics optimization tool to increase your fleet’s efficiency

Qamion is a solution developed by Qamcom Research & Technology Central Europe to handle logistical challenges facing freight companies, taking the AETR agreement into account. For a given fleet of vehicles and a given set of customer requests, it generates the optimal solution, that is, it plans the route of each vehicle so the total operative cost is minimized.

Contact Us

If you’re in town, drop by for a coffee. We’re at:

Main office
1052 Budapest, Hungary
Vármegye utca 3-5.

Other offices
8900 Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Kossuth Lajos utca 5.

Alternatively you can get in touch with us directly:

Géza Fülöp
+36 30 799 0040

Who we are

The engineers and scientists at the CE office have an average of 16 years of experience.
Let’s meet some of the team:


GÉZA FÜLÖPQamcom Central Europe Responsible & Project Manager
Géza Fülöp is both the site manager and project manager. Beginning as a physicist, continuing as research engineer and then as a project manager and manager on different levels at some multinational companies, in the telecom, IT and space domain, mainly in Sweden and Hungary, he found the most interesting challenge of them all: to develop a completely new organisation in the middle of Central Europe. Géza has a PhD in theoretical physics, but this did not stop him from enjoying product development, consultancy jobs and organisational tasks. His mid-term goals are to reach 5 kyu in the game of go and a Marathon under 4 hours.
MÁRTON DRÓTOSDigital and Software Engineer
Márton has a PhD in computer science from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, which he obtained while working as a researcher at the Institute for Computer Science and Control of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His main area of expertise is machine scheduling and production planning in Industry 4.0 environments. He is also interested in IT security and applied cryptography. While he has a strong theoretical background, he is also a passionate programmer and a strict system administrator. In his free time, Márton helps a non-profit organisation which aims to bring mathematics closer to children’s hearts, which entails organising open air math competitions and summer camps.
Sunil is a mathematician who is currently completing his PhD studies in Operational Research. He is interested in combinatorial optimisation and its real life applications. He loves card/board games, going to the gym and martial arts. He has a black belt in judo, and he was part of the Hungarian national team.
GYÖRGY SALLÓSenior Solution Architect
Senior Solution Architect interested in solving challenging IT and technical problems, (still) curious to learn new things every day, with a focus on artificial intelligence based solutions. On a personal level, he likes skiing, trekking and jazz.
ATTILA KISSSystems Software Engineer
Attila is an Applied Mathematician. He started out working with different sensors, sensor networks and drones at the Machine Perception Lab of the Institute for Computer Science and Control at the HAS and, from there, he’s worked at the research centre of one of the world’s biggest mass spectrometer providers. This has involved mathematical modelling, SW implementation and testing in multinational teams in Hungary and the UK. Attila has an M.Sc. from the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences and has published many mathematics papers. Attila is greatly interested in computational biology and loves all types of hiking. Next goal: learn how to write a shorter bio.
ATTILA BIRÓSoftware Engineer
Attila has more than 35 years of experience in software development from 8-bit platforms to 64-bit, from Commodore64 to 64-core servers and smartphones, using C/C++ (Basic, Fortran, Matlab, Java, Python). Its solutions cover many areas of agriculture, mining, printing, laser control, image processing and healthcare. He holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) in engineering from the University of Gödöllő. He hobbies are varied, the current one being gardening.

And it’s not just us. We have close links to Sweden and we always have the opportunity to work on projects in collaboration with companies in our group. This gives us stability and scale, thereby enabling us to focus on the thing we want to do: developing innovative products and solutions in a timely and efficient way.

By the way, if this sounds like a team you’d like to work with, please get in touch with us.