About Qamcom Central Europe

We are a unity of experts who believe in creativity and deep knowledge. Qamcom Research and Technology CE was established in 2019 as part of the Qamcom Group to provide direct local expertise in the Central European region.

Reaping the benefits of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, industrial optimization and drone technology could be the next step in your business. Sometimes you need a preferred technology partner to make this happen. Our ambition is to be that trusted partner for several companies in the Central European region.

Your challenges are our opportunities to create value by seeking innovative approaches when necessary. We design and implement customized solutions using the latest technologies, thus aiding our customers to be even more successful. Our competence ranges from on-site consulting to full project responsibility.

Main contacts

Géza Fülöp

Qamcom Central Europe Responsible & Project Manager


Márton Drótos

Digital and Software Engineer


Sunil Morapitiye

Software Engineer


György Salló

Senior Solution Architect


Attila Kiss

Systems Software Engineer


Benjamin Holló

Business Developer


We are the Central European competence center of the Sweden based tech consulting company, Qamcom. Qamcom Research & Technology AB is a leading corporation within its field with deep expertise in hardware, software and system development. They offer value driven technology solutions, products and services in advanced signal processing, industrial AI and IoT, wireless communications and system engineering. Following their footsteps, our mission is simply to turn technology into value for society and industry, as well as for individual people.

Qamcom conducts various R&D activities, from detailed algorithm development to product portfolio discussions, system design and technology management. Our colleagues have written thousands of published research articles in international journals and contributed to many industry conferences.

Qamcom Group is a knowledge-driven impact-accelerator for well-funded technology projects, created to enable high ambitions, acceleration of industrialization and an optimized route to market. Their unique, in-kind model provides a complete business management portfolio and access to a huge R&D department with cutting-edge technology expertise. This is a perfect set-up for industry ventures, corporate spin-offs, early-stage start-ups, and other technology initiatives that want to reach the growth and expansion phases faster.