Qamcom breaks new ground in organizational evolution.

Qamcom breaks new ground in organizational evolution.

Qamcom has taken the final step towards a fully flat organization and removed the only remaining hierarchical position in the company, that of the CEO. The new operational structure will allow for a more creative, agile and responsive approach to Qamcom’s customers’ needs.

While perhaps controversial in some quarters, Qamcom has long been an advocate of flat organizations, with self-managing role-based teams and fully decentralized decision-making processes. Qamcom has worked with this organizational structure for more than five years, evolving and fine tuning it to the point where it was no longer felt necessary to have a formal CEO position in the company.

“We operate at the leading edge of technological and scientific development,” said Johan Lassing, founder of Qamcom Group. “Adopting this organisational philosophy has enabled us to take a far more creative, agile and responsive approach to our customers’ needs and I am convinced that a flat structure, when deployed and operated correctly, has significant advantages over more hierarchically rigid organizations.”

While this latest move is the natural next step in the evolution of Qamcom’s organizational model, Magnus Kilian, the former CEO, will remain with the company and maintain a strong focus on sales and recruitment.

In practice, this is simply a clarification of the governance model that the company has already been operating according to for some time. Qamcom’s role-based responsibility structure ensures that decisions can always be made by the right people at the appropriate time, positively impacting both project efficiency and business success.

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