Qamcom becomes a founding partner of AI Innovation of Sweden.

Qamcom becomes a founding partner of AI Innovation of Sweden.

Qamcom Research & Technology has announced its role as a founding partner in AI Innovation of Sweden, a national initiative to accelerate research, innovation and education in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Formally inaugurated at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg today, AI Innovation of Sweden is a national centre for applied research, innovation and education in the field of Artificial Intelligence.  Its objective is to serve as an engine for the Swedish AI ecosystem, bringing together a community of experts who intend on making a significant impact in the field; fuelling the Swedish economy; and accelerating the application of AI through cross-industry knowledge sharing and co-located and collaborative applied research projects.

Qamcom is uniquely positioned in the artificial intelligence space, with world-class expertise in signal processing, sensors, sensor fusion, wireless connectivity, embedded systems, AI, analytics and cloud. With more than 140 in-house developers focused on embedded systems and specialist consultancy services within Wireless Connectivity, Autonomous Systems and Industrial IoT, Qamcom has a successful history together with its customers of taking leading edge product ideas all the way to market-ready commercially viable products.

“We are a technology application expert with strong competence in signal processing, automation and wireless communication. AI provides us with yet another tool to develop creative and cutting-edge ideas into fully formed new and innovative solutions”, said Ann Louise Johansson, CEO, Qamcom Research & Technology Stockholm. “We are delighted to be taking a leadership role in AI Innovation of Sweden and look forward to collaborating with other Swedish tech leaders, elevating Sweden’s position in the global AI space.”

“Sweden needs to focus its efforts on research and innovation within AI in order to enhance its long-term competitiveness and its opportunities to develop new solutions that meet important needs in society”, said Darja Isaksson, Director General, Vinnova. “AI Innovation of Sweden represents an important piece of the puzzle.”

Artificial Intelligence is emerging as the key technology for innovation, job growth and societal development. Worldwide, vast sums are being invested in infrastructure, research, education and innovation. Sweden is a relatively late starter and the AI Innovation of Sweden initiative aims to close the gap. More than 40 organizations and companies – from across the public, educational and private sectors – have joined AI innovation of Sweden, with more expected.

About Qamcom

Qamcom is a technology application expert, providing product development and specialist consultancy services in the fields of Wireless Connectivity, Autonomous Systems and Industrial IoT. Qamcom’s expertise in signal processing, sensors, sensor fusion, wireless technologies, embedded systems, AI, analytics and cloud uniquely positions the company in the artificial intelligence space.

With a team of more than 140 world-class developers, Qamcom is equipped to handle almost any kind of technology project, from advanced algorithm development to complete product development for serial production. And with a mission to catalyse the development of advanced technology with its customers, Qamcom is able to take highly technical ideas and turn them into cutting-edge market-ready solutions.

Qamcom is headquartered in Gothenburg, with additional offices in Sweden and around the globe.

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