Join Qamcom at the Embedded Conference Scandinavia, April 10-11 and listen to Ann Louise presentation:

The Art of Simplicity in IoT Development

Date: April 10

Time: 10.15-11.00

In an era where the Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping our world, the allure of smart, connected devices is undeniable and the number of implementations many. Yet, the journey from a visionary prototype to a robust, market-ready product is fraught with challenges and complexities that are often underestimated.

Our talk will delve into the heart of what makes a successful IoT device—not just in terms of functionality but also in its ability to be simple, maintainable, and secure. We will explore the paradox that it is simple to create an over-complicated device, while the true challenge lies in maintaining simplicity while still recognizing the complexity of productizing.

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