When it comes to attracting highly sought-after skills in the digital and technical sphere, the competition is fierce – especially for people with an Embedded Software background. Tech companies try all sorts of ways to compete with each other out by offering different benefits, favourable working conditions and other incentives. Qamcom has chosen a different route. Beyond just focusing on trendy technologies, unique customer and research projects and a self-management organisational structure, they have also chosen to launch their own computer game. A game that is both fun and tricky, and also gives an indication of whether the player will fit in at Qamcom, in terms of skills as well as personality. At the same time, the player has the opportunity to get to know Qamcom’s culture, offer and focus areas in more detail.

“The Chronicles of the Blue Sphere” is a kind of retro, text-based strategy game which involves the player getting out of the basement in the mythical Qamcom Building all the way up to the eighth floor. At the top, the main character has to return a certain blue sphere to its place of origin. The journey there is difficult and lined with tricky puzzles and exciting challenges. The hero must also pass a final test before the mission can be completed. All characters are inspired by real Qamcom employees and, in general, the content is based on the environments, culture and tasks found in Qamcom’s daily operations.

“We hope and believe that the game will be appreciated, regardless of whether or not you are a potential employee. An important starting point for the whole project has been that the game should be entertaining and slightly challenging. Simply put: a fun game. The concept has essentially been developed for recruitment purposes, but everyone can and is welcome to play it. It has also been important to give the player an insight into what kind of company we are, so that we get an indication as to whether the player has the basic qualities to fit in with us,” says Christopher Ahlström, Brand and Marketing at Qamcom.

The game is open and only requires registration if you want to save your game history or to play again. In addition, a scoreboard is available which lists those who have done the best based on different parameters.

“A hot tip, if you want to climb high on the scoreboard, is that it’s worth playing several times and trying to solve all the puzzles and find all the items,” concludes Johan Sahlin, Recruitment Responsible at Qamcom.



Qamcom is a leading specialist in research and technology with a focus on systems, hardware and software in, among other things, Advanced Signal Processing, AI, Wireless Communication Systems, Industrial IoT and System Safety. Qamcom’s offering is not fixed to one industry, but it is primarily aimed at Telecoms, the Automotive Industry, MedTech, the Space Industry, Manufacturing Companies and Smart Cities. At Qamcom, there are about 150 hand-picked experts whose focus is, simply put, to transform technology into value for society, people and industry. Read more at:

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