Qamcom Anywhere appoints new Site Manager

Urban set to take the weight off Olof’s shoulders

April 15, 2024

Urban Rystedt is stepping up as the new Site Manager of Qamcom Anywhere, Qamcom’s forward-thinking remote office. Not new to the Qamcom scene, Urban previously served as the company’s Sales Responsible and co-founded Qamcom Anywhere with Christopher Ahlström (Brand and Marketing) and Johan Sahlin (Recruitment).

For Qamcom Anywhere, it’s business as usual, but with renewed vigor. Olof will shift his focus back to development and client relations, assuming a pivotal operational role. Meanwhile, Urban aims to elevate Qamcom Anywhere by honing in on business growth and technology specialization, dedicating his expertise to sales and recruitment activities.

“Urban’s new role is a significant development for Qamcom Anywhere. I’m delighted we’ve found a permanent Site Manager – especially someone as capable as Urban who has shared in our collaborative successes for years. I believe he has the strength to lift this operation to even greater heights,” comments Olof Kindgren, Senior Developer and previous Site Manager.

“I feel immensely proud and humbled by this opportunity to build on the solid foundation that Olof has established. Qamcom Anywhere has always occupied a special place in my heart, and I am excited to guide our site’s growth,” states Urban Rystedt, the new Site Manager.

While Urban Rystedt’s base will be in Gothenburg, he will be shouldering the responsibility to travel extensively, ensuring Qamcom Anywhere’s influence and operations continue to thrive. We celebrate Urban’s stepping in, ready to lift the weights from Olof’s shoulders, and we are deeply appreciative of Olof’s dedication and leadership during his tenure.

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