Qamcom and Evolve in collaboration with RGNT.

Qamcom and Evolve in collaboration with RGNT.

The Sweden-based innovation company RGNT Motorcycles is about to launch their first versions of the fully electric motorcycle RGNT No.1. It´s a revolutionary, lean and clean ride with beautiful retro-looks. Qamcom and Evolve will lead the development of the touch-based HMI module (Human Machine Interface).

“RGNT Motorcycles came to us with a request, to build and design a solution with a high standard of advanced solutions, and we’re very proud to say that we, together with Qamcom, were able to gather a small, tight-knit, world class team, delivering value from the first week” says Joakim Gustin, Head of Evolve Labs.

“Together with Evolve we are designing and building the GNSS positioning, 4G connectivity and the complete real-time system data logging. Features such as over-the-air fleet firmware update, cloud-based bike data management and soon also navigation solution for the system” says Johannes Wiig, Senior system engineer and project manager at Qamcom. “It´s a dream project and I am thrilled to work with our superb team in this cross-discipline creative environment. The RGNT No1. is revolutionizing the way we drive on two wheels by combining the vintage design look and feel with a high-performance electric driveline and user experience expected by our tech-savvy riders. From a sustainable, maintenance and driving experience perspective the technology shows its best sides. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it’s a gorgeous looking machine.”

The RGNT No.1 is basically an IOT device on two wheels. Every motorcycle has its own user profile, easily reached through the app or a computer. With this, the owner experience will be both agile and personalized.

“We chose Qamcom and Evolve since they understood and put energy into our mind-blowing vision and high requirements regarding the technology, both software and hardware. We’re looking forward to the launch of the first versions, set to the summer of 2020” says Jonathan Åström, Founder & CEO of RGNT Motorcycles.

The project has involved other Qamcom Group companies in different phases. For example, Abtery, experts within electromobility have been working with the entire drivetrain.


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