Qamcom – a role-based organization

June 28, 2024

Curious about how a company can succeed without traditional management? At Qamcom we work with a role-based and decentralized organization without a traditional hierarchy to enable a more creative, agile and responsive approach to needs and development – something that we think leads to increased knowledge-share, increased innovation, progression, productivity and accelerated personal development. Our organization is based on three principles: Self-management, Holistic view, and Evolution.

Read the interview done by Chefstidningen here, where Qamcom co-founder Johan Lassing reveals our strategy for an organization with the aim to empower all employees. Here are some key takeaways:

Employee-Driven Leadership
Qamcom operates with the idea that all employees contribute to guiding the company, with an emphasis on emergent “natural leaders” rather than imposed authority, as articulated by founder Johan Lassing.

Teal Organization Adoption
Qamcom’s approach is inspired by TEAL organizational principles, which promote self-management and wholeness, seeking to give every employee the ability to initiate change and make decisions.

Challenges and Adjustments
While many aspects of Qamcom’s traditional hierarchy-less structure work well, natural leaders haven’t always stepped up as expected. Issues like the lack of company-wide accountability in complex projects have arisen. Johan Lassing is keen to ensure the organization can outgrow his own capabilities and is wary of “flatwashing”—the trend of companies claiming to be flat in structure for the sake of being trendy, without authentic implementation.