– Heterogenerous Systems into design efficiency.

– Heterogenerous Systems into design efficiency.

About the research

Heterogeneous systems, real time embedded systems for autonomous systems compliant with safety standards.

Collaboration Partners

Partners include Fraunhofer IEM, INCHRON, OFFIS, University Rostock, Eclipse Foundation, Bosch, and Siemens AG from Germany, and KTH, Qamcom, MDH, Saab, Arcticus, and Gothenburg University from Sweden.


  • Continued leading position in safety critical domains.
  • Enable Universities to produce graduates within these complex areas.
  • The way you develop embedded systems will undergo radical changes.
  • Integration of heterogeneous functions.


  • Leveraging the interplay of domain specific models, formal timing and performance analysis, model-based platform design and synthesis.


  • New methods, techniques, and tools on a high TRL-level that will allow integrating heterogeneous embedded hardware and software into mission- and safety-critical systems.


  • Evaluate and deploy model based tools and techniques that are developed as part of the project.
  • Specifications/requirements of various industrial use cases in autonomous systems.


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