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Qamcom is a well established and leading provider of services within the area of system safety. Qamcom can offer services within the areas of functional safety, processes, quality and cybersecurity. The services can cover assessment, certification, training, mentoring and consultancy support services in the areas of:

  • Process Management, Assessment and Improvement
  • Quality Management and Assurance
  • Function Safety Management and Engineering
  • Cybersecurity Management and Engineering
  • Procurement Management and Assurance

Drawing on its specialist knowledge of “best practice” in the industry, through leadership in international standards development activities and through the practical knowledge and experience of delivering successful assignments.

We possess understanding and provide consultancy on:

  • IEC 61508
  • ISO 25119
  • DO 178C
  • ISO 13849

We are also active participants in the national (AG8) and international working groups (WG8) for ISO 26262 and ISO 21448 (SOTIF).




Anders Werneman
Domain Responsible
+46(0)704 34 27 19


  • Volvo Trucks
  • Aptiv
  • Veoneer
  • SAAB
  • Cevt
  • Nevs
  • Zenseact
  • Scania


Qamcom at WOF & BUD Cargo Forum

The WOF & BUD Cargo Forum took place at the end of September, where we learnt, shared our insights, and made some good connections with members of the logistics community in Central Europe.

Qamcom at WOF SUMMIT in Vienna

Attila Kiss, one of our experts in optimization and digitalization, shared our views with the audience at an inspiring panel discussion at the World of Freights Summit in Vienna.

Insights into Neural Radiance Field – NeRF

NeRF can generate new high-resolution images from the learnt scene, which can be utilised for image synthesis, object detection, image segmentation and to generate realistic-looking images, among other use-cases.

Creating a 3D model from a video

In this blog post we will present a technique called Structure from Motion (SfM), which can recover the 3D structure of a scene from 2D images.

Qamcom at the Drone Conference

The legality and business issues of drone flying are rising, and it will generate long-term questions. Qamcom Central Europe was represented at the event as a committed advocate of digitalization, robotization and automation.

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