From requirements to DoC.

Qamcom can take full responsibility through the entire certification process. We have both our own lab and access to external EMC labs as well as the ability to build an on-site EMC lab for simpler measurements. Our specialist team have several years of experience and offer broad knowledge, a problem solving approach and a holistic view covering EMC and Radio labs. We work with the following directives and government regulations: EU – EMCD, LVD, RED, RoHS, MD, IVDD, MDD & EMF. Vehicles – E-marking. North America – FCC, IC, UL & ETL. Asia – SRRC, VCCI/MIC, KC & NCC and other markets (Brazil, AU/NZ etc.) with applicable standards: EN/ETSI (Mainly EN 55032, EN 61000-4-x family), FCC/ICES/RSS/RS/UL, IEC/CISPR/IEEE/ISO/ICNIRP & Mil-Std.

We customize your requirements for: EMC (ITE, Home, Industry, Tools, Medical, NEBS, Vehicles, Mil-Std), Radio (WLAN, BT/BLE, P-t-p, Radar, SRD), Safety (Electrical, Laser, IP, IK) & RF Exposure. In the Qamcom lab we have 2 & 4-ports Network Analyzers (5 Hz – 90 GHz) and can test RF (20 Hz – 90 GHz) & EMC (9 kHz – 40 GHz, CE, RE, RI, ESD and in an external rented lab we can test RI, Burst, Surge, RF CM Voltage Dips & Interruption), Temperature testing (-50 C ° to >100 C°) and vibration. With our simulation programs (Radio), RF exposure calculations & HW design guideline we can help in an early phase of the project. To fully cover the wide area of certification we have a close co-operation (EMC, Radio & Safety Testing etc.) with the leading accredited labs in Sweden & Germany and we also assist when you have EMC problems with your product. Cables & Labels: We do complete labels with all the markings and data, choice of correct cables (Source of radiation when testing EMC) and manual help to add correct legal information in manuals for the different markets. All work will be structured and documented in a proper DoC (Declaration of Conformity).




Erik Gustafson
Certification Domain Responsible
+46 (0) 736 61 90 74


  • Ericsson
  • Husqvarna
  • Volvo cars
  • Hasselblad
  • Mabtech
  • Kollmorgen
  • RGNT Motorcycles
  • RTHS Health Scanner
  • Square Kilometre Array
  • Brinja
  • Mevia
  • Aqua Robur
  • Revibe
  • Vecho
  • Sylem
  • Parakey
  • Raybased
  • UMS Skeldar


Qamcom and Arbe collaboration

Partnership Enables Trucks, Busses, Delivery PODS, Drones, and Other Industrial Applications to Benefit from 4D imaging radar.


Wireless broadband for smart homes in the US


Reinvention of spot analysis for global vaccine research


Square Kilometre Array – A super telescope to reveal the secrets of the universe


Algorithms into Next Gen HTF

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