Enabling high-speed internet for rural areas


Depending on where you live, high speed internet can not to be taken for granted. For example, fiber solutions can be difficult to establish due to long distances, landowner issues and other things. Something that could seem unfair and unequally since communication and information provided through the internet should be considered as a civil right. At Qamcom we believe that fast and reliable internet should be available for everyone, not matter where you live – in the city or on the countryside.


  • We have helped our leading global client to develop a Mobile backhaul product with a multi band boost capability providing capacity of over 10 gigabytes per second
  • A solution that is easy, fast and cost-efficient to install for the operators
  • We provided a competent team with complete project and product responsibility
  • Handling everything from project management to hardware and system design, software development, FPGA, test and even the full certification process
  • The Qamcom team also became a central part of the customer product development organization


A wireless solution that can connect any area on a broad scale and enable fast and reliable connection for more people – no matter where you live. Especially beneficial for people living in rural areas.

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Martin Uddeborg