Minimal Risk Manoeuvre Strategies for Cooperative and Collaborative Automated Vehicles

May 23, 2023

During the last decade, there has been significant increase in research focused on automated vehicles (AVs) and ensuring safe operation of these vehicles. However, challenges still remain, some involving the cooperation and collaboration of multiple AVs, including when and how to perform a minimal risk manoeuvre (MRM), leading to a minimal risk condition (MRC) when an AV within one of these systems is unable to complete its original goal.

As most literature is focused on individual AVs, there is a need to adapt and extend the knowledge and techniques to these new contexts. Based on existing knowledge of individual AVs, this paper explores MRM strategies involving cooperative and collaborative AV systems with different capabilities. Specifically, collaborative systems have the potential to enact local MRCs, allowing continued productivity despite having one (or several) of its constituents encounter a fault. Definitions are given for local and global MRCs and what it means for MRMs, and illustrative examples are presented for each type of system.

Index Terms — Automated vehicles, automated driving systems, cooperative vehicles, collaborative vehicles, minimal risk manoeuvre, minimal risk condition, degraded operation, safety.

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Carl Bergenhem
Senior Safety Engineer