Making vaccine research more efficient and accurate

Making vaccine research more efficient and accurate

By enhancing the efficiency, user-friendliness, and accuracy of the client’s key products.


Mabtech, a biotech company specializing in immunoassays for research and clinical diagnostics, sought to enhance the efficiency, user-friendliness, and accuracy of their key products like the FluoroSpot, ELISpot, and FociSpot readers. These improvements were crucial to strengthen their tools used in vaccine development and disease characterization amidst the global fight against diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and parasites.


  • Strategic R&D partnership: Since 2016, Qamcom has partnered with Mabtech, focusing on advancing the hardware, software, and systems of the products developed during this period.
  • Software Enhancements: Qamcom devised two significant software updates: Artifact Removal and FociSpot Clustering, targeting key issues in immunoassay analysis.
    – Artifact Removal: This feature provides automatic elimination of visual artifacts like hair and cell clumps, improving spot counting accuracy and minimizing manual corrections.
    – FociSpot Clustering: With this update, researchers can now differentiate and analyze merged virus-infected cell clusters more effectively, leading to finer precision in results.
  • User Experience (UX): Significant emphasis was placed on UX design to ensure that the software remained intuitive and straightforward, enabling researchers to access crucial data effortlessly.

“We have been working with Qamcom since the very beginning of the product development project and have established a long and advantageous relationship with them. We are very satisfied with the quality, high-level expertise, general understanding, and delivery of the work Qamcom has done for us in terms of hardware and software development. Together, we have created products that will make a significant difference for many people. That is something that makes me proud every day” said Jesper Larsson, Head of Instruments at Mabtech


The collaboration between Qamcom and Mabtech led to the development of state-of-the-art immunoassay readers that have tangibly improved research outcomes in vaccine development and disease diagnosis. These advancements have made the analysis more precise and efficient, significantly reducing the manual workload for researchers. Mabtech acknowledges the beneficial and enduring relationship with Qamcom, expressing high satisfaction with the delivered expertise, quality, and understanding in creating impactful products.

This partnership not only meets Mabtech’s need for technical excellence but also contributes to the global healthcare community by enhancing the capability to combat infectious diseases.

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