QAMCOM AT kista mobility day.

QAMCOM AT kista mobility day.

Join Qamcom at Kista Mobility Day.

As the technology you use becomes smarter – so does the city you live in. At Kista Mobility Day possibilities and challenges for a smarter city will be shown and discussed, with the end goal of enabling the future of sustainable mobility.

Qamcom is part of the Urban ICT Arena-project, where the goal is to compare and evaluate multi-sensor traffic solutions versus traditional measuring techniques. Qamcom provides an AI-based solution which allows for detection, classification, tracking and counting of various traffic objects. This includes bicycles, pedestrians, and different kinds of vehicles – all in real-time through one single camera.

As a world-class solution provider, we provide tailored solutions based on both the needs and the challenges set before us. In this case, we apply our extensive experience in signal processing to help cities become smarter, safer and more sustainable.

Our own Ann Louise Johansson, General Manager at Qamcom, will also participate in a talk panel discussing multisensor and AI enabled applications towards intelligent transportation, 11.00 at the Helio Conference Center. Don’t miss it!

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