Research – Hexa-X 6G

Hexa-X 6G.

Hexa-X 6G.

Connecting our human world with the digital world through 6G.

December 18, 2020

About the research

The Hexa-X project aims to connect the physical, digital and human worlds, firmly anchored in future wireless technology and architectural research. Wireless technologies are critical for society and the economy today and their importance will continue to steadily increase with 5G and its evolution, enabling new ecosystems and services. Qamcom’s research focus will be on localization and sensing, as well as network optimization.

Collaboration partners

Nokia, Ericsson, Aaito University, Atos, Bocom, Chalmers,CEA Sztaki, Intel, Nextworks, Orange, Politecnico de Torino, TIM, Telefonica, Siemens, TUD, TUK, UC3M, UOO, UDP, Wings


Connecting intelligence: AI/Machine Learning (ML) technologies need to be a vital and trusted tool for significantly improved efficiency and service experience, serving humans

Network of networks: multiple types of resources need to be aggregated to create a digital ecosystem that grows more and more capable, intelligent, and heterogeneous, eventually creating a single network of networks

Sustainability: energy-optimized digital infrastructure for a reduced global ICT environmental footprint, as well as delivering effective and sustainable digitization tools for global industry, society and policymakers

Global service coverage: efficient and affordable solutions for global service coverage, connecting remote places

Extreme experience: extreme bitrates, extremely low (imperceptible) latencies, seemingly infinite capacity, and precision localization and sensing

Trustworthiness: ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of communications and delivering data privacy, operational resilience and security


Improve efficiency and resilience of the economy, promoting sustainable growth and creating meaningful jobs, supporting the transformation of Europe to a strong circular economy.


Support future advances in artificial intelligence, machines that can transform data into reasoning and decisions that will help humans understand and act better in our world.


Align and address UN and European Sustainable Development goals.

Expand the fundamental network design paradigm from mainly performance-oriented to both performance- and value-oriented.

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