– Functional Safety into autonomous vehicles in traffic.

About the research

Efficient and Safe Product Lines of Architectures eNabling Autonomous DrivE.

Collaboration Partners

RISE, Volvo Cars, Volvo GTT, Semcon, Systemite, Autoliv, Qamcom, KTH, Comentor, Aptive, Zenuity, AID.


Without this, no autonomous vehicle will ever be allowed in ordinary traffic.


Methodologies solving the characteristic safety assessment problems for autonomous vehicles. These will be validated within the project by implementing them into prototype tools and applying the tools on use cases for both personal cars and commercial vehicles.


  • Decision hierarchy and architecture patterns. – Architecture for AD-solutions.
  • Sensors and Integrity: Non-complete redundancy.
  • Requirements Refinement & verification of compositions.


  • Develop a methodological framework for functional safety assessment of autonomous road vehicles.
  • Allow autonomous vehicles in traffic.


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