Deepened Collaboration Between Gothenburg-Based Qamcom Group and Ström & Gulliksson

March 18, 2024

A deepened collaboration begins between Ström & Gulliksson and the Gothenburg-based tech company Qamcom’s intellectual property rights domain, Qamcom IPR. The goal is to create synergies between the two companies and work together to bridge the gap between research, technology, and business, offering clients the strategic opportunity to protect intellectual values early in the innovation process.

“Our teams and our different specialist competencies complement each other. Qamcom is a leading research and technology company with deep expertise in hardware, software, and systems development, working with incredibly exciting projects and companies. Our shared focus is on growth, innovation, and creating long-term business value. As a full-service agency, we aim to grow and reach more markets than the ones we cover today. With a physical presence in Lund, Malmö, Stockholm, and through this deepened collaboration with Qamcom IPR in Gothenburg, we become an even more evident choice for a range of innovative companies,” says Rikard Roos, Managing Partner.

Besides being a knowledge-based tech company with the mission of transforming technology into value, Qamcom Group offers technology-oriented IP strategy, patent management, and consulting through Qamcom IPR. This offer spans a variety of industries and specializations. Qamcom as a whole, with senior experts in research and development as its base, can take full responsibility for the entire chain from design to finished product together with the customer – where IPR is undeniably a central part.

“For Qamcom Group, the collaboration with Ström & Gulliksson is an important piece of the puzzle in our offering. Our clients will naturally and easily gain access to one of Sweden’s most reputable patent agencies. We look forward to creating several rewarding synergies between our advanced technology development and Ström & Gulliksson’s stable patent operations. There is great value for rapidly accelerating companies to work with an experienced, safe, and stable patent agency to protect their intellectual rights and set a strong patent strategy from the start,” says Mats Rydström, PhD, EPA and founder of Qamcom IPR.

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Ström & Gulliksson is a European patent agency with experience in and knowledge of Swedish, European, and international patent law. Our services include the creation and management of rights, strategic advice, assessments, legal services, staffing, and education – all to create and maintain valuable patent protections. Ström & Gulliksson is annually listed among the recommended patent agencies by several independent ranking institutes and was last year named Sweden’s “Patent Prosecution Firm of the Year” by Intellectual Asset Management.