Decentralized Data Security.

Data powers your most important work.
It cannot be compromised.

Data powers your most important work. It cannot be compromised.

Qamcom Decentralized Data Security offers decentralized storage solutions that enhance data integrity, security, and privacy. Qamcom provides the tools and knowledge on how to migrate your data to blockchain-based networks to store your most important information.

Why decentralize your data?

The decentralized nature of blockchain-based networks provide for its availability, immutability, and determines how widely distributed the data is as well as where it is physically stored. By adding a backup on a decentralized network, organizations significantly decrease the risks of data loss, manipulation, and interference, while strengthening their data security without changing the current setup.

Qamcom has proven implementation capacity in consulting operations and operational application of decentralised data storage by successfully deployed and migrated back-up data for both external and internal cases.

About Qamcom Decentralized Data Security

Qamcom Decentralized Data Security is an infrastructure project working as an aggregator for DeStor, the market leader in Web3 storage solutions, Protocol Labs, and the Filecoin Project.

With the vision to decentralize and democratize new technology, securing our data is the first step in doing so – but not the last.


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