Qamcom at WOF SUMMIT in Vienna

November 13, 2023

What is going on in the world of logistics? Especially in trucking? Where is the industry regarding digitalization and automation? What tools are available for the next generation of truckers?

Attila Kiss, one of our experts in optimization and digitalization, shared our views with the audience at an inspiring panel discussion at the World of Freights Summit in Vienna. We were lucky to see:

  • What are the thoughts on the innovation of a large Transportation Organisation?
  • How to help communication in the trucking industry without complicating the lives of the truck drivers.
  • How to use the existing tools to build a safe and effective system for this business.
  • How to handle data and gain insights to make better decisions and forecasting.
  • What are the thoughts of the actual truckers on that?

If you participated in this event, but have some questions left around these topics, or in case you missed it, feel free to contact us or Attila Kiss directly. We are here to have a conversation; we are here to think together. Because we are here to evolve together.

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Attila Kiss
Systems Software Engineer