Qamcom at the Drone Conference

November 12, 2023

The legality and business issues of drone flying are rising, and it will generate long-term questions. Qamcom Central Europe was represented at the event as a committed advocate of digitalization, robotization and automation.

The war in Ukraine and the energy crisis are bringing drones, drone detection and protection against malicious airborne vehicles to the forefront for specific industries. The drone conference sought to answer these questions from companies and government actors.

EASA and EU states need to develop a UTM system as a basis of cooperation on drones and prepare for the detection and possible conflicts with assets that result in non-cooperative.

Qamcom Central Europe will monitor the sector and, as an active member, will reinforce the development of market processes that will enable the use of drones. The event was attended by Qamcom colleagues Géza Fülöp, Attila Kiss and Benjamin Holló.

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