Industrial AI and Better and more Secure Societies.

Industrial AI and Better and more Secure Societies.

– Smart, safe and sustainable.

– Smart, safe and sustainable.

Introducing intelligent methods into our industries creates both more efficient processes and smarter solutions for those who understand how and when AI should be implemented. This is well understood by both Stena Line and the City of Stockholm, two entities who are working together with Qamcom to enhance our society.

Qamcom is a key player within industrial AI, offering not only algorithm products but everything from sensors, signals and systems for cloud connectivity. As a specialist consultancy company, Qamcom has developed innovative solutions within medical technology, infrastructure, automation and the automotive industry.

“Our holistic and committed approach means that we can help our customers with everything from their AI strategies through to their development and implementation of industrial AI. We have our very own algorithm platform which we can adapt to solve challenges within vastly different sectors,” explains Ann Louise Johansson, Stockholm Manager.

Expertise and evolution

There are two things that set Qamcom apart from other players working within AI. The first is the company’s unique and extensive expertise within efforts to convert technology into concrete value for customers, consumers or society. The second is the company’s flat structure and Teal-inspired organisation. At Qamcom, responsibility is decentralised and all of our teams have full autonomy. The focus is on evolving and adapting in the best and most valuable way.

AI for eco-smart efficiency

Ferry operator Stena Line has ambitions to become the world’s very first cognitive ferry company. Qamcom is currently working together with Stena Line’s AI Manager Lars Carlsson and his data analysis team to develop a strategy for the company’s AI transformation. An important part of this work involves getting all data within the company structured and AI-ready as well as putting other related processes into place.

“The challenge for Stena Line is bringing together all available data in order to create new business opportunities. We have already demonstrated the value of AI through projects such as the Stena Fuel Pilot, which uses AI to help save 2–3% on fuel, which is a huge amount for us. Beyond increasing our profitability, we also have long-term ambitions to secure better experiences for our passengers, to develop a better working environment for our employees and to generally become more sustainable from an environmental perspective,” says Lars Carlsson.

Smart cities generate value for society

The City of Stockholm has a vision to be the world’s smartest city by the year 2040. In order to attain this vision, the city has recognised the need to put a lot of sensors and smart algorithms in place around the city to collect the data required.

“We are jointly preparing for a pilot project which will allow us to detect and register different vehicles in real time. This will allow us to both control traffic lights and to send information in the form of secure data to the cloud where it can be made available to authorised staff. Smart and connected cities increase quality of life for their inhabitants and we are pleased that we now have the opportunity to make our city planning smarter and more efficient by using industrial AI to connect traffic data,” says Ann Louise Johansson.

About Qamcom

Qamcom is a leading specialist company within research and technology, made up of hand-picked experts from all over the world. Put simply, Qamcom’s focus is on converting technology into value, with value meaning anything from employee development and customer results through to outcomes such as fewer road accidents or improved public services.

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Ann Louise Johansson
Responsible, Qamcom Stockholm